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Former cognitive scientist turned IT consultant. I specialize in telecommunications systems for offices and call centres, SMB systems administration, web application & site development and SEO/social media leveraging at my company My Solutions IT. I also act as Head Tech at TechAlberta.ca supporting home and small office PC users.


Metaphysician and natural philosopher. Scrabble fiend. Chocolate snob (mmm, 73% dark single origin Cuban!).


Venture Bros, Robert Heinlein, Mozart, Penguins of Madagascar, Greg Egan, Doctor Who, VNV Nation, Alistair Reynolds, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, Serial Mom, Archer.

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  1. By johhar on

    Just a note to thank you for your solution on “Ask Ubuntu” / Logos–“Work around found in an ubuntu bug report, requires appending a new line to apt.conf.d/70debconf:

    APT::Cache-start 200000000;”
    Worked a treat!

    1. By Tyler Style on

      Thanks much! I’m glad it helped you, and it’s super nice of you to track me down to thank me – you’re a scholar and a gentleman 🙂

  2. By Laine Garland on

    Hi, I am considering moving to Bucerias and would like to find out more information. I have travelled there numerous times so I know the area. Can you help

    Thanks, hoping to hear rom you

    1. By Tyler Style on

      Hello Laine. I’d like to help, but I haven’t lived there for a few years now and so any info I have would be somewhat dated. I’d recommend contacting the expats down there, say through the Yahoo group or the like, and have them fill you in more.


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