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Google Voice Callback is a spiffy little app from Xinlu I just discovered & installed.  It nicely complements the existing official Google Voice app by providing a means to automatically use Google Voice for outbound calls only if the dialed number matches certain phone numbers, area codes, etc.  While it’s probably more useful for those of us with complicated international phone plans and/or traveling, depending on the calling plan the average user could find it helpful as well.

GV Callback Free’s outbound call filtering rules are very customizable.  It even includes regex functions for creating rules!  Much more flexible than the default options provided by the native GV App; that only offers No Calls, All Calls, International Calls, and Ask Every Time.  I find this a real boon as since GV went from beta to public call quality has plunged, and I now only use Google Voice when I must.  (I assume this is from the GV service being overloaded by all the new users)

Here is how I use it:  Currently I subscribe to Verizon’s US & Mexico plan while I’m residing here in Mexico – no roaming charges and Mexico calls count just like regular minutes.  (I use the misleadingly named GlobalEmail plan for data services)  So if I want to call Canada I either have to use the web interface or go thru the process of turning on Google Voice, making the phone call, then after the call is completed remembering to turn GV back off again.  Big pain in the keister compared to just dialing straight from my contact list or from a desktop shortcut.

No more!  I’ve set up dialing rules using wildcards for area code 780, and now any Alberta calls are automagically intercepted and dialed using Google Voice with no work on my part.  Slick!

Overall the app is well set up with excellent help and wizards, and outbound dialing filter rules should be very easy to implement even for a naive user.  I can definitely see it being very helpful for people who only have low rates for local calls – just turn on GV for all calls, then write a rule to exclude the local area code.  Or for those who want to bypass Google Voice when calling people on Friends & Family, in the interest of getting the best call quality.  For Canadians with Android phones and a Google Voice account, this is probably the easiest way to take advantage of free long distance calling from Canada.  (SxyMobile has a lot of info on how to get this set up, and you can read about how I set up a Canadian number to use with Google Voice as well)

Definitely two thumbs up for the Google Voice Callback Free app!

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