Android App Review: Remote Desktop For Your Phone!

The other day I came across a must-have app for anyone who administers Android based devices like cells phones or tablets: SmartDog Studio’s Remote Web Desktop.  This app has some nice polish and great features, the most prominent of course being the ability use your browser to remotely control the phone’s interface.  You need to root the phone to use the app, but that’s a pretty minor requirement.  Overall I’m very impressed with how well this app works.

Remote Web Desktop offers some other extremely handy utilities as well.  The most notable being a FTP server that you can access either from your favourite FTP client or from the browser based interface and a personal web server (!).  You can also use a network bridge to manage your phone over the cellular network as well as a wireless internet connection.  The other features available from the web “desktop” interface are:

  • a nice instant messaging management console,
  • a shared clipboard that you can paste text to in the browser and then use on the device,
  • the “wifi keyboard”, which lets you use your PC keyboard as if it’s attached to your device,
  • a file explorer,
  • a wall paper manager that lets you upload wallpapers or fetch them from a web address,
  • a screen capture utility, and
  • a web cam utility for your camera (which didn’t work on my Droid).

Some features that are under development are:

  • a contact management utility,
  • notepad, and
  • a settings management console.

Here’s some screen captures from this incredible app:

I really can’t recommend this highly enough for anyone needing to remotely administer devices.  I know that setting up phones and troubleshooting problems for my own clients will be worlds easier with this app.

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