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Using Linux to Root the Sidekick 4G (Samsung Galaxy Series SGH -T839)

I wasn’t able to find a tidy all in one guide for Linux users rooting here on XDA, so I decided to post this one both here and at XDA. I was using Ubuntu 10.04 on a 32 bit processor, and the phone is a Samsung Sidekick 4G.

This guide assumes you already have ADB up and running on your box. If you can’t get ADB going yourself, then this method is most likely beyond your skill level anyhow

First, on your Sidekick ensure Settings>Applications>Development->USB Debugging is checked (just a reminder, I’m so used to this being on I forgot to do it on my new Sidekick)

After you have ADB up and running, make sure that your system has USB rules (a “driver”) for communicating with the Samsung Galaxy phone.

As root:
Create or edit /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules and add this line (the vendor code for Samsung is “04e8”):

SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="04e8″, MODE="0666"

Then secure the file and restart udev:

# chmod a+rx /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules
# restart udev
udev start/running, process 3793

As a regular user:
Connect the Sidekick via the USB cable and check that your device appears, killing any previous instances of ADB that might already be running first:

$ adb kill-server
$ adb start-server
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
$ adb devices
List of devices attached 
T8394f1f27b0	device

My device’s id is T8394f1f27b0. Yours will be different.

Download and unzip the rageagainstthecage-arm5su- packages.  These are possibly outdated; you can get the latest from the Cyanogen wiki.  rageagainstthecage uses the Lotoor exploit, so if you have a virus scanner running it may detect this.  You’ll only need rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin, su and Superuser.apk.

From a terminal, run the binary to hack the system as root:

$ adb push <path>/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin /data/local/tmp 
$ adb shell 

$ chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin 
$ ./data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin
[*] CVE-2010-EASY Android local root exploit (C) 2010 by 743C
[*] checking NPROC limit ...
[+] RLIMIT_NPROC={2650, 2650}[*] Searching for adb ...
[+] Found adb as PID 4150
[*] Spawning children. Dont type anything and wait for reset!
[*] If you like what we are doing you can send us PayPal money to
[*] 7-4-3-C@web.de so we can compensate time, effort and HW costs.
[*] If you are a company and feel like you profit from our work,
[*] we also accept donations > 1000 USD!
[*] adb connection will be reset. restart adb server on desktop and re-login.

Restart the ADB server, push su & the Superuser app to the system, and set up the root user & group with a blank password. You should have a root (#) prompt; if you don’t, repeat the above steps to push & run the bin file.

# mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/stl9 /system
# exit 
$ adb push <path>/su /system/xbin 
$ adb shell chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su 
$ adb push <path>/Superuser.apk /system/app 
$ adb shell 

# echo "root::0:0:root:/data/local:/system/bin/sh" > /etc/passwd
# echo "root::0:" > /etc/group
# mount -o remount,ro /dev/block/stl9 /system
# exit

$ adb reboot

Your phone should now reboot and be rooted. Yay!

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