GoDaddy’s Stance On SOPA Shows Off Their Ignorance In More Ways Than One!

Normally I am not a grammar nazi or troll, but given GoDaddy’s recent blog post supporting SOPA I felt that a judicious poke at their obvious ignorance was well justified. Check this out!

Excerpt from GoDaddy's blog posting on SOPA misspells "complimentary"

In our view, Internet policy should strive to balance the sometimes competing goals of the global free flow of information (which is clearly critical to U.S. businesses), with enforcement of the rule of law. We don’t see those competing goals as mutually exclusive, but rather, complimentary. In fact, that balance is essential to a flourishing, yet safe, Internet.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about:


  1. Expressing a compliment; praising or approving.
  2. Given or supplied free of charge.

I do believe what they meant was:


  1. Completing; forming a complement.
  2. (of two or more different things) Combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize each other’s qualities.

Ah, GoDaddy… trying so hard to pretend to know what you’re talking about, and still massively failing on all fronts.  Spellcheck is good, but actually knowing what you’re talking about (either conceptually or in terms of vocabulary) is even better.



Here’s a browsershot of the full text from GoDaddy’s blog, if you’re interested:

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  1. By Tyler Style on

    Good thing I decided to post a browsershot of GoDaddy’s first position on SOPA. After the redditor campaign to get people to transfer their domains away from GoDaddy (and to date 2 million domains, include some very big names, have done so), they’ve flip flopped on the issue, issued a very terse retraction of GoDaddy’s SOPA suppport, and yanked the original posts. Creeps. At least own up to your original mistakes instead of trying to cover up like a dog that made a mess on the carpet; if you wanted to make sure people knew you’d retracted your position, you could always put some text at the top of the original post to let people know instead of trying to hide it altogether.


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