Weight Loss Status Update, Day 60

Day 60: the terror continues! Also, lost another 17 lbs. Very nearly. 😉  Actually, I’ve only lost 3lbs.  However, I’ve gone down another pants size to a 42, and fit into my old jeans!  Hurrah!  I’ve lost fat but gained muscle mass, obviously.  Things are progressing swimmingly with having added front crawl to my morning workout, too <evil grin>

I had a few days over the last month wherein I actually wanted breakfast, and lunch too!  That ended pretty quickly though, and now am back on the extended daily fasting.  Right now about it’s about 18 hrs fasting before I feel ready to eat.  Energy levels are good, so long as I don’t pig out on my first meal and put myself into a digestive coma.

The bod’s holding up with the front crawl, so I’m very pleased.  The elbows haven’t blown out at all – just the occasional twinge.  Now I’m doing 15min of warm up, then 15min of alternating one length of front crawl with one length of backstroke, then 30min of just backstroke.  Next month I think I shall bump it up to 30min of alternating strokes, and just 15min of backstroke.  And if THAT works out… I may even dare 15min of JUST front crawl and then 30min of backstroke!  Oooo, imagine!

I’m really quite pumped about it – if I can build up my joint strength enough, I’d really like to get back to free weights and do some upper body work.  Swimming is good, but it’s not building as much mass as I would like to see.

TRT has been a smashing success.  I’m up and running at a much higher level, and the depressive bubbles have completely vanished.  On the down side, my libido is racing like an engine… very distracting, and when it gets too much for me I spend too much time getting laid 😛  I also had a bit of skin irritation at the injection sites, but that seems to have gone by the wayside now that I’ve switched to weekly injections.

Tune in this time next month for further excitement!

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