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I’d be Leery of Google Keep, Google’s Evernote Competitor

Written By: Tyler Style - Mar• 21•13

Yesterday Google announced their new cloud notekeeping service, Keep.  While it’s nice to have this sort of thing integrated into one’s Google stack if one’s already part of of the ecosystem, I’d be very reluctant to rely on it.  The timing is certainly poor, as Google has retired a lot of products that it feels don’t fit in with it’s overall strategy or haven’t seen wide enough adoption and axed Google Reader just last week – which was both useful and has quite a devoted following.  It certainly raises long term reliability spectres in my mind.

It would really suck to have all one’s notes on there and have it be a part of one’s regular workflow, and then get a three month notice that it’s shutting down and have no good migration path… which is pretty much Google’s modus operandi.  I’d want some kind of assurance that this product was something Google had a long term commitment to before using it.  One way would be to integrate it into Google Apps, but that doesn’t seem to be in the offing although it’s encouraging that it seems to use Google Drive for it’s back end and has it’s own Android app.