Take Action On The CRTC’s Amendments To Allow News Broadcasters To Report Opinions Or Lies As Facts

The Immediate Issue: The CRTC’s Proposed Amendment

This is, with no exaggeration, one of the most important issues we as Canadians need to take action on this decade.  The definition of what may be reported as news in the media as described by a new Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) amendment would allow broadcasters to report as fact anything that wouldn’t actually put the public in immediate, physical danger.  In other words, broadcasters may report as factual news anything they like so long as it doesn’t immediately endanger people, such as Orson Welles’ famous “War of the Worlds” broadcast hoaxOpinions, rumours, propaganda – basically anything can be reported as factual news without any disclaimers whatsoever! Continue reading