Handy Android App: Google Voice Callback Free

Google Voice Callback is a spiffy little app from Xinlu I just discovered & installed.  It nicely complements the existing official Google Voice app by providing a means to automatically use Google Voice for outbound calls only if the dialed number matches certain phone numbers, area codes, etc.  While it’s probably more useful for those of us with complicated international phone plans and/or traveling, depending on the calling plan the average user could find it helpful as well. Continue reading

Making Google Voice Work After Moving To Canada

UPDATE: As of December 2011, this hack no longer works.  Google no longer allows 403 area code numbers.

So, I admit that I have been completely absorbed by the Googleplex. And… I kind of enjoy having a Google-centric life, actually. So when I moved to Canada and faced giving up my Google Voice, I cringed and cried and wept piteously.

And I did NOT leave denial and move into acceptance!  Instead, I plotted and schemed and conspired to bend Google .. itself! … to my will!  Muhahahaha!  They called me mad at the Sorbonne… mad, I tell you – MAD!

So!  After a few hours of research, I had some good leads. After a couple of false starts and some experimentation, I found what seems to be the optimal (and cheapest!) solution.

While you can definitely adapt this method to your own needs, bear in mind it was originated for my own situation: having a US cell phone with a Canada/US calling package and an unlimited Canada/US data plan ($147/mo from Verizon on my DROID).  That being said, onward to the good stuff! Continue reading