PBX In A Flash: Custom Dialplans & FreePBX

PIAF is a great collection of Asterisk tools, and I'm pretty happy with the fact that someone has collected them all for me and put them together in a decent package.  However if you're wanting to delve a little deeper and get into more complex Asterisk dial plan scripting, it can be a bit of a trial to work out exactly which config files you can safely modify without tanking your existing installation.  The documentation can be hard to find and/or follow, especially since material is often ambiguous as to the version of PIAF.  So I thought I'd share a little of what I've scraped together for those who want to start rolling up their sleeves and tackling their own scripting with Asterisk!

For the record I'm using PIAF based on CentOS 5.6 (32bit), which is based on Asterisk 1.8, and my main self-study material is the incredibly well written Asterisk: The Definitive Guide (May 2011). Continue reading

PBX In A Flash: Send Email Using Gmail / Google Apps

Recently I’ve been experimenting with PBX in a Flash, a CentOS based distro meant to make setting up Asterisk quick and easy. It comes with sendmail, which is fine if you don’t already have an email system set up. However, most of my clients Google Apps for Business for email and so I wanted to integrate PIAF with existing Google Apps. I found a decent little tutorial aimed at Gmail users that helped me with set up sendmail as a SMTP relay to Google Apps It was missing a few bits and bobs and the English isn’t too good so I thought I’d write my own guide not only to remind me later but hopefully to provide a little clarity for others. Continue reading