Response to Vic Toews’ Email re Bill C-30 Privacy Concerns

I recently sent an email of protest concerning the Internet privacy Bill C-30 via Interestingly, I got a automated reply back from the Honourable Vic Toews addressing the issues in the email. Unfortunately, the email raises a lot more questions than it answers, for me. Here is my response, with the text of the original email following afterward: Continue reading

Facebook’s Privacy Breaches And Plans On Exposing More Personal Info

I’ve been having some people asking me when the last time Facebook lost control of users’ information and it was stolen or inappropriately obtained and resold by app developers.  As reported in the WSJ it was October of 2010 – not very long ago!  I thought it worth mentioning again, especially since according to this letter (PDF) to US Representatives Ed Markey & Joe Barton from Facebook, they are still planning on making phone numbers and addresses available to app developersContinue reading

Facebook Apps Can Now Access Your Address & Mobile Number

Well, yet another questionable move by Facebook in terms of protecting user information and privacy.  Certainly not a questionable move in terms of monetizing their platform and making it advertiser/corporate friendly, though.  On January 14th Facebook released a new feature for application developers: “We are now making a user’s address and mobile phone number accessible.” Continue reading