FUD and Sensationalism from F-Secure on Android Malware Numbers

I came across a fluff piece on TechCrunch today titled “Android Accounted For 79% Of All Mobile Malware In 2012, 96% In Q4 Alone, Says F-Secure“.  Quite the sensationalist title, and a quick read of the actual “report” (PDF) shows that these are pretty dodgy statistics.  The “report” is more marketing material than anything else – it lots of pretty pictures of people using phones, low level language use and even an ad at the end of it for their mobile security suite.  I don’t know if the author didn’t thoroughly read the report and just copied and pasted the nicely coloured charts or if she just wanted to get the most eyeballs she could via sensationalism, but either way it’s some poor journalism.  There are some pretty blatant issues with the “report” that are completely ignored by the author: Continue reading

Android 472% Malware Increase Scare Is Sensationalist

Today I’m seeing a huge number of articles screaming “Android Malware Surges Nearly Five-Fold Since July” (PC Magazine) and “Android malware has jumped up 472%” (Apple Insider).  Well, percentages and other stats are very nice, but it’s easy to manipulate numbers like that to get scary looking figures.  Always look at the hard data backing the stats to get the real story!  As Benjamin Disraeli said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  As it is, the actual numbers tell a much less alarmist tale. Continue reading

Android Security Apps Review: Lookout, SeekDroid, Cerberus, Prey & Theft Aware

Today’s free app from Amazon.com’s AppStore is SeekDroid, so I though I’d give it a try.  I’m a big fan of security apps given how incredibly integral smartphones are becoming in our lives.  Losing your smartphone these days can be absolutely crippling for those of us who enjoy a high tech information rich lifestyle!  So far I’ve tried out Lookout and Cerberus as well as SeekDroid, and I’m going to go over how well each app does in offering minimum necessary security features and overall value. Continue reading

Diaspora – My Impressions Two Months In

I thought I’d give my impressions of the up and coming new social networking concept Diaspora, an open source peer-to-peer vision of social networking.  Personally I’m much peeved by the fact that Facebook claims all rights to *everything* you upload – pictures, video, text, everything.  Plus they obviously have no qualms about selling your personal data or making it generally available in order to attract investors or advertisers.  However, Facebook is way too useful a tool to just totally abandon!  So when I learned about Diaspora I jumped on the bandwagon toot sweet. Continue reading